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Advanced Genomics Course: Bioinformatics for Cancer Biology

Learn how to
  • Mine The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA)
  • Completely analyze RNA-Sequencing Data
  • Identify biomarkers across diverse cancer modalities
  • Clearly visualize and communicate your results
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Aanuoluwa E.A.
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About the Course

About the Course

In this Advanced Genomics Course, you will master the analysis of clinical-grade RNA-Seq datasets from The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA), the world's leading cancer dataset repository. You will gain hands-on experience in mining and interpreting these complex datasets, equipping you with the skills to identify fit-for-purpose clinical biomarkers. This critical expertise is essential for discovering drug targets and developing diagnostic kits, paving the way for advancements in personalized medicine and cancer treatment.

Course Syllabus

Welcome to HackBio

  • Welcome to HackBio
  • Testing the Platform
  • Getting Help

Quick Primer on Molecular Biology

  • Introduction to Genomics and Genomic Data Science for Life Scientists
  • Test 1.1
  • Introduction to Clinical Genomics
  • The Central Dogma of Molecular Biology
  • Test 1.2

The Cancer Genome Atlas

  • The Cancer Genome Atlas
  • The Cancer Genome Atlas
  • The TCGA Website
  • The TCGA Website Links
  • Test 2

Hands-On: Mining the TCGA

  • Planning your dataset
  • The Data Analysis Pipeline
  • Summary and Tools for the Hands on Section
  • Preparing for the Hands-On Section
  • Hands On: Setting Up and Downloading Your Dataset
  • Important Information and Guide for Installation

Hands-On: Preprocessing, Normalisation and Filteration

  • Catching Up on the Data
  • Preprocessing, Normalization and Filtration
  • Accessing you Data
  • Test 4.2

Differential Expression Analysis

  • Differential Gene Expression Analysis
  • Why Differential Expression
  • Test 5.1
  • Hands-On Differential Expression Analysis
  • Test 5.2


  • How to Visualize DEA Results
  • Visualizations
  • Test 6.1

Enrichment Analysis

  • Introduction to Enrichment Analysis (EA)
  • Enrichment Analysis
  • AGC7.1

Final Project

  • Biomarker Discovery for Early Cancer Detection
  • Pathway Enrichment Analysis of Glioblastoma
  • Population Sensitive Drug Design for Cancer Treatment
Technologies you will use
R Programming

R Programming

Advanced Genomics Course: Bioinformatics for Cancer Biology

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High quality portfolio projects
Price: $ 30 $ 15

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