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Foundations in NGS: Genomics

Learn to use BASh to analyse any raw NGS dataset from scratch. You will be able to:
  • The standard NGS data preprocessing PIPELINE
  • Prepare dataset for downstream processing by other software
  • Automate your NGS data analysis process
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Aanuoluwa E.A.
Aanuoluwa E.A.
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About the Course

About the Course

Fasttrack your data skills in anything NGS. Learn to build and use standard data processing pipelines for various omics datasets; including genomics, RNA-Seq, Chip-Seq, BS-Seq and their variations. You will complete advanced projects in precision medicine, population health and pharmacology

N/B: This does not cover single cell data analysis

Course Syllabus

Welcome to HackBio

  • Welcome to HackBio
  • The New Platform: Learning
  • Testing the Platform
  • Getting Help

Recap on NGS method

  • Welcome to the Exciting World of Next-Generation Sequencing in Genomics!
  • Setting up your PC.
  • Why Bash!
  • Downloading files with wget
  • Managing Folders (Directories)
  • Creating and Reading Files with touch
  • Copy, Paste and Delete
  • Changing Directories
  • Finding Patterns with grep
  • Final Tips and Tricks
  • BASH
  • Introduction to BASh
  • Links and Resources
  • Setup for anaconda for specific tasks/pipelines on Linux (Optional)

NGS Data Pipeline: Quality Control

  • What is Data Preprocessing
  • First thing to do with your sequencing data
  • Performing Quality Control with FastQC
  • Understanding FastQC Reports
  • Aggregating your FastQC Reports for Multiple Datasets
  • MultiQC Usage
  • Using WGET to download our fastQ dataset from GitHub
  • Quality Control
  • Link to resources

NGS Data Pipeline: Trimming

  • Introduction to Data Trimming
  • Trimming off Low Quality Reads
  • Implementing FastP
  • Trimming

NGS Data Pipeline: Genome Mapping

  • Introduction to the Genome Mapping
  • Introduction to Genome Mapping
  • Building Genome Maps: BWA Usage
  • Automating BWA Implementation
  • Genome Mapping
  • Link to resources

Manipulating Your Alignment Map

  • Manipulating Your Alignment Map
  • The Nature of SAM/BAM files
  • Sorting BAM Files
  • SAM vs BAM files: Interconversion and Manipulation
  • Alignment Maps

Handling Bacterial (Haploid) Genomes

  • Variant Calling
  • Implementation for Haploid Genomes
  • Preparing Starting Files and Coding Environment
  • Variant Calling
  • Viewing the result (See next slides to see expected outputs)
  • Expected Results

Project Section

  • Searching for Mutations Leading to Isoniazid Resistance in TB
Technologies you will use

Foundations in NGS: Genomics

100% Practice Oriented
Immediately applicable skills
High quality portfolio projects
Price: $ 30 $ 20

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