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Data4Life Contest

In this contest, participants will use R to analyze genetic variation data from different human populations. By the end of the project, participants will:
  • Gain insights into genetic diversity within and between populations.
  • Learn to analyze, manipulate and visualize genetic data.
  • Develop and hone basic skills in data preprocessing, exploratory analysis, and visualization using R.
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Aanuoluwa E.A.
Aanuoluwa E.A.
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About the Course

About the Course

Are you excited about both biology and data science? This beginner-friendly contest project invites you to dive into the fascinating realm of biological research and intensive data analysis using the versatile programming language R. At the end of this contest, you stand a chance to win amazing prizes. (Enrol to see the judging criteria).

πŸ”΄ We recommend that you take our R for Biologists course to gain enough skills for this contest.

Course Syllabus

Welcome to the Contest πŸ›¬

  • Message from HackBio
  • Rules (Important ⚠️)
  • Getting Help
  • By the end of this Contest:
  • Statement of Good Conduct
  • Statement of Good Conduct
  • We would like to know about you

Part One: Visualization πŸ“Š

  • Part One: Visualization
  • About Color Code (Continued)
  • How to submit
  • Judging Criteria πŸ†

Part Two: EDA, Visualization and Reporting 🍯

  • Project Dataset Description
  • Submission
  • Judging Criteria

Announcement of Winners

  • Well Done!
Technologies you will use
R Programming

R Programming

Data Scientist

Data Scientist

Data4Life Contest

100% Practice Oriented
Immediately applicable skills
High quality portfolio projects

Here is the Plan

Estimated Time

4 weeks

Start by


  • Basic knowledge of R (Our Course can Help)
  • Background in Molecular Biology (This Short Primer can bring you up to speed)
  • No prior experience in data science is required
  • A curious mind and a willingness to learn!
  • ⚠️ This is not a contest for experts.
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